Condolence & Memory Journal

Dear Linda, Janet and Steve,
Your parents were such sweet people! From day one, which was probably the first Christmas Neal and I were dating, they took me in and treated me just like family. I loved being at their house with all you kids and Neal's brothers. (My family was so small!) I remember playing pool downstairs and Lavon would come down to chat. He was always so interested in every silly thing I said. And Ardis, of course, like all good mothers, was always upstairs preparing the feast we would shortly enjoy.
They always gave our kids THE perfect toy. I still don't know how they managed to do that!! And later on, they would send the family something special each Christmas.
Ardis NEVER forgot our birthdays. Neal got the last one shortly before she passed on. Some years we got her card and THEN remembered our birthdays!! You all had very special parents and should be very proud of them.
Love, Neal and Marti

Posted by Neal and Marti Ramsey - Collierville, TN - Family   November 18, 2019