Life Stories

This is a beautiful letter from Charlotte, and she wanted to share it with the family. With much love we are posting this on Charlotte's behalf,

It looks like I (Charlotte) am the last in our family! Mom always did say I was slower - Mildred was fast! Which the latter proved to be a big help to me. I guess as sisters we helped each other.

Mildred helped me to grow-up and introduced me to Jesus! Whenever I had a problem, I would take it to Millie and she would think of something to help me and always Jesus!

I was still in school while she was out in the working world. My sis could do most anything. The important thing at the time was my school work. We had a lot of homework and I did not like it so I put it off as long as I could then would ask Millie to help me. As I look back she never refused to help me.

I especially remember when I was in 8th grade. I always seemed to put this off as long as I could and in desperation I would ask sister Mildred to help me and she never refused me especially if I had a tear about ready to drop. Millie could always think of something interesting and one particular night she did just that. She took an old black photo book and filled the pages with poems that she made up. This looked wonderful to me as I stood by helpless. She wrote like the wind - page after page and filled that old book with beautiful words! I was delighted and didn’t even think about it being in her writing. To this day, I do not know what happened to that book. I handed it in at English class and I never saw it again. The teacher never said anything to me about it either. My sis could write beautiful poetry and it just seemed to flow out of her.

She let me wear her clothes and I felt very special. Because she worked, she purchased some pretty dresses.

She about had everyone up holding their breathe as in high school she would climb to the very top of a human pyramid and stand there with no fear of where she was. As her sister watching from the balcony of an high school, I was about to faint! She had no fear and was in complete control as I watched from one eye with my hand over the other. Just a tiny thin girl with a lot of energy and no fear!

We both eventually married and settled down. The Charismatic Movement was in full swing and we both enjoyed lessons that seem to come alive from the Bible. Church became very important to Mildred as she discovered Jesus in a new way. He was her helper when she needed Him the most. Her life was filled with His teachings and she needed His peace. She learned everything she could about Him and of course she could not keep it to herself. So, I was among many that she enlightened with the Scriptures.

Millie was able to be quiet and let the Holy Spirit minister to her and when she was so full she splashed over unto her sister. We had joyous times together. I will miss this terribly and am hoping to be able find an empty soul who needs all the good words she gave me! But for now, I will just stop and think about all the good teaching times we enjoyed and discussed.

Sister dear, I see you with our family who are in heaven and I rejoice knowing that my time will come and we will be together again with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

I think you will probably be learning things that you can hardly wait to tell your baby sister and here I sit writing a letter that I know not the address except through my your heart!

Tell our leved ones there that I wonder when I shall see them. In the meanwhile I will try to hear Jesus speak through the beautiful books you ahve given me.

In his dearest Love, Charlotte