Condolence & Memory Journal

Mary had a beautiful smile and enjoyed working on a Med/Surg unit.jPHnU

Posted by Peggy Bransfield - Wawaka, IN - Coworker   March 09, 2018

I will forever miss your contagious laugh and sense of humor. You were a great nurse and beautiful soul!

Posted by Kyan Divita - New Haven, IN - Coworker   March 09, 2018

Thank you Mary, for all of the compassion and love that you shared with everyone that you met! It always made my day when I walked into our large break room and saw you smiling and laughing at something- and with the bright flowers in your hair. You touched everyone- as evidenced by all the loving tributes that have been left in your memory. Thank you for being you and being my friend, and teaching me to smile and laugh more. As I have read over and over fly high Mary!!! My sympathies to your family and friends. You will be missed.

Posted by Tressa Brunner - Churubusco, IN - Friend   March 09, 2018

Rest In Peace Mary. You were a kind and gentle soul!! You will be missed!

Posted by Scott McLeish - Fort Wayne, IN - Friend   March 09, 2018

We became fast, inseparable friends in 11th grade. We'd spend hours most nights on the phone, talking about absolutely everything. After graduation, we'd continue the marathon talks. We'd complete each other's sentences, knew where the other stood on literally any topic, could talk to each other about anything, and had zero secrets from each other. Life always forced us to stop talking for long periods, but we were always able to pick right up where we left off.
The last marathon call was right before our 25th class reunion, and that was also the last time I saw Mary. Hardly a day has gone by that I haven't wanted to pick up the phone and call her since then.
Mary and I have said goodbye to each other too often in our lives. I missed one.
Goodbye, Mary.

Posted by Rob Zajac - Whiteland, IN - Friend   March 08, 2018

Mary was the happiest person I ever met. Her smile and hello were immensely uplifting. She loved sharing stories about her daughter Olivia and hearing about mine. What a fun personality she had! I really miss her! Praying for all of you!

Posted by Julia Wyatt - Fort Wayne, IN - Coworker   March 08, 2018

I worked with Mary at Lutheran as a case manager. She was a sweet soul. God bless her and her family.

Posted by Sherry Elwood-Frame - Kendallville, IN - Coworker   March 08, 2018

I'm still in disbelief. Ms. Mary had a beautiful soul. I am grateful for being able to have you care for me whenever I was a patient at Lutheran. Your beautiful spirit and smile always brightened and energized my room on 4 B. You will be dearly missed. I will celebrate you forever. Heaven was missing an angel...and they took the best. Fly with the angels BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!!
My sincere condolences to her family. You will always have a place in my heart Ms. Mary!

Posted by LaTia Davis - Fort Wayne, IN - Friend   March 07, 2018

I will always cherish her smile, we were partners in Art class than became buddies! I will always remember the conversations, the hugs, the uplifting comments, that Pat Benatar looks, the unbelievable perfect Spirit she was, and again that Smile!!!!!!! She is missed deeply, I loved her dearly! And I pray with all my heart that our Savior will give us strength and comfort that passes All understanding! Praying for my classmates and friends and her family!!!

Posted by Douglas Sego - Franklin, IN - Classmate   March 06, 2018

My sympathy to Mary's family on her passing. As a former coworker at Lutheran CICU, I immediately think of Mary's smile and her love of taking care of any patients we had with special needs. We have lost a great nurse.

Posted by Jane Waite - St. Charles, IL - Coworker   March 06, 2018

So sorry to hear of your loss. Mary and I were in choir together at Whiteland as well as living down the road from each other. I have fond memories of her. She was such a sweet, sweet girl. Praying for your family.

Posted by Lynette (Walker) Hanna - West fork, AR - Classmate   March 06, 2018

I never seen Mary with out a smile on her face. It's been a few years since I've seen her but I truly believe she's one Gods angels. She was truely one of nicest persons I've known. I still remember the plays she was in at school, she was great in them and you could tell she loved doing it. She will truly be missed. Prayers and love to the family

Posted by James Coffman - Whiteland, IN - Friend   March 06, 2018

Mary never let me pass her by without her asking me how I was and to see pictures of my babies. She shared with me the excitement of her daughter being a travel nurse. She was SO SO proud of that. Even on the most exhausting days, Mary would still be so sweet. I will always remember her kind soul.

Posted by Kayla Gladieux - Coworker   March 06, 2018

I'm so sorry that I didn't get to say good bye but I will now we will miss you my dad and me both. I know your in a better place and I love you. I wish you were here. Love you, bye.

Posted by Jade Hummel - Avoca, MI - Family   March 06, 2018

Oh my gosh! I can't believe It. Mary was such a good soul, so full of life. God bless he family in this time of loss.

Posted by Linda McGahey - Fort Wayne, IN - Friend   March 06, 2018


Mary is my cousin from my mother's side, {Scherrie Stanfield}. I am sad to say that it has been many years since I have visited with Mary. When we go from being Kids to adults, we lose track of our distant cousins. Time goes by so fast.
Heavenly Father, I pray this for our family; we thank you for putting Mary in this family when you did. We know she was yours before she was ours, we offer her back to you with, Glee and excitement because we know she sits with you and we will see you both someday in Heaven. Let your Grace and Love shine on through us all. Hug this family with your guiding arms. In Jesus, name AMEN.

Posted by Kevin Brower - LaGrange, IN - Family   March 06, 2018

Mary was a wonderful person! I am honored to have known her. Sincere condolences to the family.

Posted by Lois Dolezal - Columbia City, IN - coworker   March 06, 2018

As the days and weeks go by keep comforting one another, draw close to God by means of prayer. You all are going to need one another so much.

Posted by Cynthia Holbrook    March 06, 2018

Sending Prayers for the family. Mary was a great person. Every time I saw her she made me smile. I remember spending time with her in choir. She had a beautiful voice. She would help any and everyone.

Posted by Debbie Schlotman - Fairland, IN - Friend   March 06, 2018

Mary is my cousin from my Mother's side {Scherrie Stanfield}. I have not been in touch with her in, well to many years. In this fast-paced life, we lose track of family and are jolted at the announcement of their passing, and come to realize we have missed out on being involved in their lives. For this, I wish to say that I am sorry Mary.
I know that God was well pleased with Mary and she sits with him and her parents in Heaven.
Heavenly Father, We thank you for Mary. Before she was ours, she was yours, and while she was only here for a short time your love and grace shown through her. Thank you for allowing her to be a part of this family. We now offer her back to you, not with sorrow but with glee and excitement that we will see her again with you in Heaven.
In Jesus name, AMEN

Posted by Kevin Brower - LaGrange, IN - Family   March 06, 2018

"Hey new girl"

As a scared young girl, those words started a friendship that would last a lifetime! We had many years that we were very very close - and other years that passed without us hearing from one another. But we always loved one another and Mary's spirit, her heart, her laugh, her willingness to try new things and be carefree - those are what I will carry with me until someday, when I know I too join her in heaven, and she once again says to me . . .

"Hey new girl"

I love you Mary and I will miss you my friend!

Posted by Kathy Mitchell - Greenwood, IN - Friend   March 06, 2018

Her smile was aways so big. I will aways cherish the memery I had of her.

Posted by Gary McDowell - Whiteland, IN - Classmate   March 06, 2018

I'm praying for her family & friends. Mary was one of my sweetest, funnest friends from high school. I loved her magic & laugh. This saddens me so much; too young. Fly high, sweet girl. Love you.

Posted by Cari Shields - Greenwood, IN - Friend   March 06, 2018


I will always remember her wearing her red lipstick and dangling stylish earrings. Her patients loved her smile and her laugh was so infectious. She was a very special person and I know the patients she cared for became better people just from being in her presence.

Posted by Amanda Tressler - Fort Wayne, IN - Coworker   March 05, 2018


Mary was always smiling, even in difficult situations. Her laugh and infectious enthusiasm for life was a breath of fresh air for everyone who knew her. I will miss her greatly.

Posted by Jackie Maki - Fort Wayne, IN - Friend   March 05, 2018